what is mea platform?

built by a team of insurance veterans and technology talent, mea solves industry problems by freeing insurers, brokers and MGAs to focus on building a competitive edge.

the insurance industry is held back by the widespread use of manual processes

insurers, brokers and MGAs face a growing operational problem. Fragmented critical processes are getting slower and more expensive – slowing speed-to-market and reducing underwriters’ ability to write great business.

Smiling businessman seated at workstation in office

designing an intelligent processing platform for insurance

mea is run for insurers, by insurers who understand first-hand the problem of costly critical processes – and know how to intelligently deploy tech to solve it.

our partnerships and recognitions

mea has clients from across the globe from top ten global P&C Insurers to MGA start-ups, and has partnered with some of the world’s leading tech talent to develop technologies that solve critical challenges in insurance.

working with mea

global client base

mea works with insurers, brokers and MGAs of all sizes across all lines, including Property & Casualty, Life & Pensions, and Health – all around the world.

key benefits


CFO, $800m capitalised insurance start-up

“This is exactly what we need, especially with the transactional pricing and no up-front costs.”

Group COO, $8 billion revenue global insurer

“We have tried many solutions in this space and had almost given up, your solution just works”

Group CEO of top 10 global insurer

“A real unsolved issue for the industry, insurers are locked into their past with these systems.”

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