Bringing together mea Platform’s next-generation insurance data ingestion AI and Salesforce

For faster workflows, higher productivity and better insights, all in a single environment, for underwriters and claims managers.

AdvantageGo allies with mea platform to boost client capabilities

Commercial insurance and re insurance software provider AdvantageGo has announced a strategic alliance with mea platform.

PR News Wire: mea Platform Ora Continues to Lead the Market

mea’s Ora redefined global insurance with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

what is mea Ora?

Ora is our proprietary Generative AI built on Large Language Models, and pre-trained with 10.000s of Insurance terms.

Ora requires no AI training time and works instantly for your business, try it for Insurance submissions by hitting login.

Acquinex partners with mea to revolutionize the MGA market

By automating submissions intake, we’re setting a new standard for efficiency.

what is mea platform?

intelligent submissions

intelligent submissions eradicates manual processing and data entry, freeing up Insurers and MGAs to focus resources and budgets on writing the most profitable business – fast.

making life easier for insurers, MGAs and brokers

mea makes insurance easier. Its intelligent platform takes the effort out of essential processes so insurers can focus on finding their competitive edge.

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the problem

The insurance industry wastes 30-40% of costs on time-consuming manual tasks and inefficient processes, impacting combined ratios and margins. 

Client and broker submissions not reviewed due to volumes being too high. Producers and Underwriters wasting time on administrative tasks rather than underwriting or placing business. Manual checking of submissions against regulatory requirements. Hours spent searching for relevant data to support potential pricing recommendations or claims decisions. Waiting hours and days for submissions and claims data to ‘arrive’ in internal systems to allow expert review. Losing business because competitors beat you back to the client. Wasting extended time on risks that ultimately fall outside of risk appetite. Not having enough time to spend with clients, or open new pipelines, or finesse prices. 

Technology implementations to improve the situation are usually long and painful and often yield not much in benefits. 

Feeling like technology should be available in this day and age to help you and your business. 

as seen in

introducing intelligent processing designed for insurance

want to see how it works?

mea platform is, by design, no effort to use through the user-friendly interface or integration via API.  

Explore the capabilities of mea platform risk-free with no commitment, allowing you to test and seamlessly fit it into your workflow. 

Book a demo here or create a test account here. 

Beat expectations and gain an unfair advantage over competitors, try mea platform. 

find out more about some of our clients, partners and recognitions

mea is less than three years old and has the largest global deployments in the market and is recognised as the leader in its field, across P&C commercial specialty, Health and Life. 

mea has many happy clients across US, UK, Europe and Asia, hear what some of the them say here. If you would like to hear from specific mea clients, please contact us here to set this up. 

mea has the fastest scale deployment times on the market, thanks to the pre-trained AI and the deep, market leading Insurance implementation expertise in the team. 

mea platform is highly secure, meeting, beating the regulatory requirements across the globe. 

Allow your business to beat market expectations with mea platform. 

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