making life easier for insurers, MGAs and brokers

mea makes insurance easier. Its intelligent platform takes the effort out of essential processes so insurers can focus on finding their competitive edge.

insurers, brokers and MGAs spend too long on manual processes

combined ratios and margins are vulnerable to unintuitive and fragmented manual insurance processes. Designed for insurers by insurers, mea automates critical activities, boosting productivity, reducing combined ratios, and increasing margins.

introducing intelligent processing designed for insurance

mea’s ora, proprietary Insurance pre-trained cloud-native AI, can be immediately applied and rapidly scaled to provide insurers, brokers and MGAs with the right data, in the right format, at the right time.

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mea’s ora, proprietary Insurance pre-trained cloud-native AI, can be applied instantly and scaled quickly to give insurers, brokers and MGAs all the data they need.

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by making critical insurance processes more intuitive, mea reduces operating costs, gives underwriters and brokers back the time to focus on winning the right policies.

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