PR News Wire: mea Platform Ora Continues to Lead the Market

Mea in the news

LONDON, Dec. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/

The fastest Insurance loss ratio and book growth improvements are seen through utilising Insurance expert pre-trained AI models and advanced AI techniques for data ingestion across Insurance value chain. This also avoids long and painful implementation programs of work.

mea’s Ora – proprietary pre-trained, Gen-AI based and secure AI – continues to lead the market for data ingestion across the global Insurance industry.

mea is always the fastest to deploy (days rather than years) and has the fastest time to value (immediate). mea has already achieved deployments in over 20 countries and ingests data from millions of Insurance risks annually.

If certain businesses are still training or being told by vendors that AI solutions need to be trained, it’s time to question this approach.

Avoid falling into the AI training trap or experience the 10-50x cost and time escalations often seen with AI ingestion solution implementations.

The evolution of AI, Gen-AI and LLMs is moving daily and now is an accelerator for much of the Insurance value chain. What was not achievable six months ago is now achievable at little to no effort. However, boards are rightly concerned about the security implications of the wild west of the much-hyped GPT models, which is causing real regulatory and compliance issues for insurance industry boards across the globe.

Ora is fully secure for Insurers, MGAs, Brokers and Re-insurers to utilise and, Ora is guaranteed to be always up to date with the latest AI methods and models.

The mea team have a long background as Insurance practitioners and understands the need for security and speed of deployment.

Contact: Joanna Baidoo, mea platform,, +44 7769 935376